Renown media personality Betty Kyallo has been left wondering why her love life is always a heated topic of discussion.

In an interview with Plug TV, while attending the launch of The Bahatis Reality show on Netflix, Betty however noted that she is in a happy place in her love life

“Mbona maneno ya mapenzi yangu inaletanga shida? I am in a good place. I found somebody  and tumeelewana,” the mother of one said.

Betty revealed that they have so far been dating for 8 months but she didn’t want to share details about it because of fear of misfortunes that might come with that.

“Kuna bad eyes huko nje, wanakuombeaga vibaya lakini Mungu ametuprotect,” she said.

She also denied claims that she was hiding her man, saying that she is the one who is the public eye and not her man. She further said that she freely goes out with him, adding that they were not hiding anything.

“Just because I have not posted him, haimaniishi namficha. We go everywhere, we go to restaurants, we go to holidays, we go for shopping in the supermarkets like other couples so there is nothing special about me launching him. Ikifanyika tutafanya. Right we are just living a normal  life, normal family, we go out with Ivanna on Sundays, tuko tu sawa,” she said.

The interviewer further brought up a question on allegations that her man was a 21-year old. According to him, they were accusing her of dating an underage.

“Achana na hao wasee. Hata angekuwa 21 si underage. Lakini si 21. Lets not go so deeper. Hata tumeamua tu patie mabudesco matime wa relax kwanza,” she said, hinting that her man might actually been younger than her, but he isn’t the 21-year old, who she has been linked to.

Asked on whether they are planning to wed soon, Betty said that it wasn’t in the plans now as she was just enjoying being loved and taken care of by her mysterious boyfriend.


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