In a surprising social media post, Anita Soina, a renowned environmentalist and the Green MP, has shocked many by openly expressing her preference for a submissive role in her personal life.

In a candid post, Soina declared, “I don’t care what anyone says. I absolutely want to be submissive and lead by my man. And there is no part of me that wants to take on that masculine role.”

This statement has drawn a variety of reactions from the public. Resian Sharon, reflecting on cultural norms, commented,

“Huyu ni Maasai mwenzetu, what do you expect we were raised that way saw our mums do that and we will not be an exception at all.”

Another commenter voiced support, saying, “Yes, feminine women still exist. Proud of her like minds.”

Soina, who has built a reputation for her advocacy on environmental issues, now finds herself at the centre of a broader cultural conversation about gender roles.

Her views have reignited discussions on the balance between personal choices and societal expectations, especially with the now modern feminism and traditional cultural practices.

As an influential figure, Soina’s personal stance contrasts sharply with her public face as a leader and change maker. Her revelation has intrigued many, causing discussions on whether personal beliefs should impact public responsibilities, especially in progressive fields like environmental activism.

She is one of the few women who still believes and embraces the traditional gender roles where a woman was to submit to the her husband. The man’s work was to make decisions, protect and provide for her and the family.

As the debate caused by her post continues to unfold, reflecting the complex dynamics of modern identity, culture, and personal choice.

Regardless of public opinion, Anita Soina remains resolute in her stance, demonstrating that even leaders advocating for change in one area can hold traditional views in another. This development adds another layer to the multifaceted narrative of gender roles in contemporary society.

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