Social Media Influencer Faith Makau aka Amber Ray, who brands herself as Bibi ya tajiri, has made it clear that for one to be friends with her, he or she has to be financially stable.

The mother of two defended herself by acknowledging the tough economic times the country is experiencing currently .

Amber also stated that everything in friendships becomes easier when everyone is financially stable in the group thus availing help if needed and also make it easier to plan trips and gate aways  when needed.

“Saa hizi vile maisha imekuwa honestly for me to be friends with you I want you to be stable. I mean ukipata shida na mi   nipate shida unajua  tunaeza saidiana  but I don’t want mzigo in my life that what I’ve said I don’t want a parasite in my life if you are not bringing anything then  why are we friends,”she said in an interview.

Amber further said that her stand is based on past experiences,  admitting that she has also had a fair share of parasite friends.

“Actually I’m talking from experience coz me I’m a giver I’ve learned the hard way that’s why I’m saying kama huniletei kitu mmh mmh at least now I’m able to say no,”she said

Amber also made it clear that she hasn’t really had hard times that would require her friends to come through for her financially but it’s just important to keep financially stable friends just incase .

She insisted that she is not yet at a place where she would effortlessly cater for other people’s bills thus her decision to keep financial stable friends in her circle to avoid constraint .

The mother of two spoke while attending the launch of Phoiana’s new salon. Phoina and Amber are close friends. The glamorous event  was graced by very few celebrity friends in their circle including Rev Lucy Natasha who led prayers.

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