Joy Njoki

Kenyan Brand Influencer Joy Njoki has revealed that she can refuse a man who gives her everything, saying that money is not everything.

Giving her comments to one entertainment outlet, Njoki boldly gave her opinion on what most ladies would disagree with her. She doesn’t care about money.

“Si nyinyi wote mliona niliinvitiwa kuenda UK na nilikataa. money is not everything, for me my motivation is like.. how is it gonna help me in the near future sasa sai nikichukuana na mzungu…mimi am someone who is a lover girl..,” Njoki said.

The influencer desires to have a husband whom she cooks for and do wife chores. She wants a family kind of set up.

She says her personality would not allow her to date older people or a white man that’s why she refused an offer to go to the UK.

The brand ambassador added being given everything is not fan and that can be a reason for her to leave such a man. She could not accept being taking abroad where she could not engage in meaningful conversation with her husband.

“For me to like.. accept just being given, it’s not fun, I can literally refuse a man because he is giving me everything.”

Fans have commented to these sentiments in mixed reactions:

riharze said “People think money is everything no” while another user, _anita.sprinkle said “She is smart……if you Kno you Kno…..”
jerry_joe_omondi said ” Independent wachia Mau mau”  with another user south.c_ said that she appeared to be lying.
Njoki’s invitation had a lot of offers. Her all expenses to go abroad would be catered for by the man. He would assist her secure a five-year visa with a possibility of obtaining a permanent citizenship thereafter.

Furthermore, he mentioned the need for Njoki’s in business ventures once settling abroad, with a promise of a share of the income generated.


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