Relegation-threatened football Kenya Federation premier league side Sofapaka is facing significant trouble as their team Bus is set to be  auctioned following nonpayment of salaries of former players.

Michael Kibwage and Paul Kiongera have petitioned the commercial court, seeking to auction the club Bus to recover their salaries arrears from the club.

The Bus auction, conducted by Bank repossessed, Grounded and Auctioneers Sar Sales Nairobi, Kenya has a price tag of one million.

Both players have been demanding their payments since presenting their case in court on August 3,2021. The Sports Dispute Tribunal issued its ruling on January 25,2022, in favor of the players.

“The claimant is entitled to payment of salary outstanding as of June 2021, being three months salary for 2021 and 16 days of September 2020.

The breakdown include KSH 37,333 for 16 days of September and KSH 210,000 for the 3 months in 2021″, the tribunal ruled.

“Additionally the tribunal awarded the claimant KSH 242,666 for the period from July 2021 to October 14th 2021, KSH 150,000 for damages due to discrimination and oppressive conduct, and KSH 350,000 for the unexpired period of the contract. The total amount was to be paid 30 days of the decision, failing which it would attract interest per annum.” it adds.

The club now faces the grim reality of loosing a crucial asset as auctioneers move to execute the Court’s decision.


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