Content creator and entrepreneur Lydia Wanjiru has voiced her strong disapproval of Pastor Kanyari’s viral video which she condemns as clout chasing under the pretense of religious activities.

Her comments come in response to a viral video showing Pastor Kanyari receiving an unusual gift from a TikToker Faith Peters during a Sunday service. The package, wrapped in a newspaper, contained a Kotex panty liner, Arimis petroleum jelly, and a packet of condoms.

In her statement, Wanjiru expressed her disappointment and spoke on the need for respecting religious boundaries in content creation.

“At content creation tuweke madhabahu ya Mungu kando, tuwache mambo kwa kanisa, tuwache kucheza na Mungu kwa madhabahu yake,” she began, urging content creators to keep sacred spaces free from irreverent activities.

Wanjiru criticized the behavior in the video, where Pastor Kanyari is seen laughing while some of his congregation clapped while  others recorded the incident on their phones.

“Disrespecting God in a way beyond boundaries is unacceptable,” she said. “Mnafaa watu kaa hao mnachukua viboko kaa Yesu wanatoka huko inje including the pastor.”

She further warned of the spiritual repercussions of such actions, suggesting that they invite God’s wrath and misfortune.

“That is how people invite the wrath of God and curses, no wonder mvua inatubeba,” she she added, implying that recent floods caused by climate change could be a result of such disrespectful acts.


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Concluding her remarks, Wanjiru questioned the mindset of those who follow Pastor Kanyari despite his unbelievable actions.

“Why are you following such a person mtu anafanya vitu kaa hizo in your presence? How is that a person mwenye atakuja kwako akuombee ndoa yako akuombee upone?”

“Why are people brainwashed to such an extent?” she continued, challenging the congregation to think about their support for the pastor.

Wanjiru’s rebuke shows a growing concern among many Kenyans about the integrity of religious leaders and the impact of sensational content on social media.

Her call for respect in religious settings resonates with many who believe that certain boundaries should not be crossed, even in the pursuit of online fame.

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