Maverick Aoko addressed controversial vlogger Francis Gaitho’s claims that she is being used as a distraction from the Finance Bill.

She took to tiktok to clarify her tweets back in 2021 and address main issue with MP John Mbadi.

She started by saying every time she talks about the MP people view her as a bitter ex.

”Now whenever I talk about Mbadi, people say I am a jealous ex” she said.

She asserted that since Rhoda, Mbadi’s wife, is unable to bear children for her husband, she cannot be jealous of her.

” Number 1, bibi ya Mbadi the one amezaa na yeye, Rhoda, mwenye anaishi na yeye…. what am I saying amemzalia, Rhoda hajamzalia, she is a barren woman” she claimed.

Aoko then explained that the reason why she always talks about Mbadi is because he first sought her out to manage his social media accounts back when she still worked with Standard Media Group in Migori.

” So he enlisted me nimmanagie social media. Do you know that it is me Aoko ndio nimefungulia Mbadi twitter account. Mbadi ata hajakua twitter account ni nini.”

She explained that she managed his twitter account full-time, as facebook was managed by a relative of the wife.

She continued by stating that the agreement was Ksh 20,000 as it was COVID season .

” The agreement was Ksh 20,000, imagine ilikua ile time ya COVID.”

She added that she had dropped out of school where she studied Political Science.

” I had dropped out of school. I was pursuing my political Science at the University of Nairobi because time ya COVID at the time, who was surviving” she said

She said that Mbadi never took the opportunity he had when he worked for Uhuru’s regime as the government had money.

Instead, he exploited her by paying her less and sleeping with her in the process.

Netizens on twitter however were not pleased with her video as they started a hashtag ‘Aoko must stop’.

They stated that she should stop sleeping with politicians only to expose them.

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