Vera sidika

Reality star and socialite Vera Sidika has set the record straight on the controversies surrounding her real name.

For so long, many on social media have been claiming that her real name is Veronica Shikwekwe Mung’asia, considering that she is a Luhya from Kakamega county. Some are convinced that the name Vera Sidika is just a stage name.

In Quick fire session with Mpasho, Vera however said that Shikwekwe is not among her real names.

“What is your real name?” the interviewer prompted and Vera said, ” Vera Sidika Mung’asia.”

“Is Shikwekwe your name?” the interviewer went on.

“Hell no to the name! Shikwekwe is not my name Na nikiskia unaniita hivyo by the way…,” the mother of two said, short of actions she would take against those referring to her as Shikwekwe.

According to her, Shikwekwe is just a nickname that Kenyans gave her.

At the same time, Vera was asked what her first job was and she revealed that she has never been employed in her life. The socialite is known to be a businesswoman, running a salon located in Mombasa. She also sells detoxing tea.

In a separate incidence, Vera was forced to respond to claims that she never loved her ex- husband Brown Mauzo, a Coast-based singer. According to rumours, Vera married Mauzo because of his good looks that she allegedly wanted to be passed on her children.

In her Insta stories, she denied the allegations saying that even good genes can be found in a sperm lab.

“Lmao. If it’s good genes hata sperm bank iko nayo. In fact you can even choose colour of the eyes you want to  your baby to have,” she responded to  a fan who brought up the question.

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