Carol Katrue, the wife of former Sailors gang member and now Mugithi singer Peter Miracle Baby, has left her followers with questions after hinting that she might be expecting her second child.

Katrue took to Instagram to share what looks like a positive pregnancy testing kit. In the photos, the mother of one couldn’t hide the shock in her face.

“Pregnant? Comments zikuwe fupi fupi,” she told her followers.

A section of fans have been left wondering how it was possible as for the past 4 months, Miracle Baby has been seriously sick and he has been in and out of hospital, undergoing several surgeries. Some have also congratulated them as others doubt if this was true. Here are some of their reactions;

Nyce Wa Njeri: Yaani wee Peter Miracle Baby unapona kama umeconfirm you are okay. Congratulations mami.

Taqueen: Aiii..si Mzee amekuwa mgonjwa kwani mnad**yana hata time ya sickness

Trizah Wanjiku: Hamjui hii ni ile ya first born wao

Rachael Nyambu: Line ya pili hio ni pen

Fle: Hii ndio in sickness and in health

Ngina: Nothing can stop reggae.

Only time would tell if Katrue is actually pregnant or not, and the true intentions of her sharing the pregnancy ‘results.’

Miracle Baby is however recovering well after undergoing his fourth surgery last month, to return his intestines that had been removed by doctors, earlier this year. The intestines had been removed because they had blocked and ruptured , a move that saw his waste spill on his internal organs.

Earlier this year, Katrue revealed that Miracle Baby has been struggling with his stomach condition since 2018, where he underwent his surgery, with the doctor wrongly removing his appendix.

“In May 2023, his problems returned. We returned to the same hospital, and they asked us to do an Ultrasound. They could not see his appendix. Then we did a CT Scan. It emerged that the other hospital removed his appendix. We thought they had removed his growth instead. They also didn’t return his organs properly,” she explained.

Miracle Baby had been having stomach obstructions from time to time and he would be given medication and things would go back to normal. When he encountered the same problem earlier this year, they thought that procedure would be the same, little did they know that the worst was awaiting them.

“We were sent to do a CT Scan, and it was discovered that there was still a problem with his intestines. For two days, they tried using a pipe and medicine, but nothing worked. On Wednesday last week, his stomach was swollen; he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t go to the toilet.

“He went for an emergency surgery. They found intestines zimepasuka, zikamwaga choo kwa tumbo. Tumbo ikasaifishwa. So they stitched him up, then found the wound was leaking something,” Katrue narrated then.

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