Reality show super star Vera Sidika has maintained that she will never reunite with her ex- Brown Mauzo.

During this Q&A session on her Instagram page, a curious fan asked about the idea of the two rekindling their romance and getting back together.

“Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe you and Mauzo would fix things, get back together respectively?” the fan inquired.

“Oh babe that would never happen. Respectfully,” Vera comfortably replied to the question.

Vera also played coy about revealing the cause of her break-up with Mauzo.

“You’ll have to watch Real Housewives Sn2 to find out. Starts Friday,” she told a fan who inquired about the matter.

At the same time another fan questioned her about the rumours that she never truly loved Mauzo and was only with him so that she would get good looking children.

“Don’t get offended with this but is it true  you never loved your husband . You were looking for good genes(kids)?” the fan questioned.

“Lmao. If it’s good genes hata sperm bank iko nayo. In fact you can even choose colour of the eyes you want to  your baby to have,” the mother of two responded.

Before partying ways, Vera and Mauzo were blessed with a daughter Asia and son Ice.

Previously, Vera  confessed that she would never again give marriage a chance it was a trap

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