Franklin Mark Gogo, widely known as MC Gogo, has inscribe his name in the entertainment industry with his energetic presence and charismatic emceeing.

MC Gogo studied Counselling and Sociology; this has not stopped him from exploring the world of entertainment.

However, his journey of becoming a celebrity has faced a lot of obstacles, and the biggest of all has been women.

In an interview with Mungai Eve on May 14, MC Gogo poured to the public the challenges he has been facing. Women, both young and older are his biggest challenge.

“Challenge kubwa ni wanawake. Watu wameiva hii town mbaya. It’s too much… Women want to steal you. They want to go with you,” he shared.

He also shared incidents where women tried to destruct him while he was performing by making inappropriate advances. Others send misleading messages on social media.

“The ladies sometimes decide to just mess with your mind… On the ground, it’s crazy. They give you a certain look; it’s sad. Someone might tempt you while you are in the audience. On social media, it’s constant flirts like ‘hey hey, hi handsome'”

“One even DM’d me claiming she wanted to book me. You think that booking was true? She wanted another type of booking. She lied but it’s fine,” he reflected.

He also noted that he faces challenges in clubs from unwarranted interactions people. The drunk give him advice which extends his stays in work.

‘Even the ones who are drunk will come and give you advice, people don’t just understand you. They don’t understand you are at work. You get advice for one hour. They don’t understand you have to work first,” he said.

However, despite all these challenges, MC Gogo remains unshaken and focused on his career evident with over 700,000 followers on TikTok and a thriving YouTube channel. This has secured him a top position in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

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