Becky Actress Trisha Khalid has shared her life experiences before making it in the film industry including her  relocation to Nairobi as well as her current drama series and how bloggers terrified her parents .

In a recent interview the actress reveals that she recently relocated to Nairobi from Mombasa and she plans on relocating one of her businesses to Nairobi .

” Relocating to a new city ,new town is hectic usidanganywe na mtu ,”she said .

Insisting that she is  starting from scratch hence her decision to relocate her boutique to Nairobi hinting she is here to stay for a long time .

Trisha was also fascinated how fast Nairobi was unlike Mombasa .

The popular TikToker also admitted that she moved out of her comfort zone whilst in Nairobi due to the numerous auditions she participated in  hence she gave it a try landing a role on the most streamed local tv drama becky .

Trisha remembers working as a car hire agent at the coast and as a conductor  making 15K a month as salary a job that was so demanding hence forcing her to stay away from her family most of the time .

“Nilisomea cabin crew ,in my first job ,I was a car hire agent at a certain company in Mombasa .After that nilikuwa nikiingia conductor wa bus ,modern coast hiyo ni kazi ilikuwa inaniingizia 15K per month .I used to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi nikifika Nairobi narudi na hiyo job I didn’t even have time for my family or myself ,”she said .

Proceeding to add how bloggers once spreader a false story claiming she was involved in an accident that left her dead causing panic among her family members .

“The was a page that posted that i had an accident and i died that left my mum terrified ,my whole family was terrified,”She shared.

Trisha Khalid is the most sought after actress in the country currently the first rising actress promises to appear more on our screens in the near future .

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