Famous Socialite, Shakilla, took to her socials, to argue that women cheat more than men.

According to her, men require money to cheat while women only require to be alive to cheat.

” It is not even possible that men cheat more more than women . A man needs to have money to cheat. A woman only needs to be alive to cheat.” she said

According to her women do not need a lot of effort to cheat, they only need to part their legs and that is it.

“Lol cheating is an expensive sport indeed. A woman needs nothing. Not even makeup to cheat. All she needs to do is part thighs and a man will guide in” she added

Netizens on social media had mixed reactions following this comment.

Most men seemed to be in support of her claims while the women adamantly refuted the claims.

Others argued that real statistics stated that it was men that cheated more.

” Men are leading in infidelity according to statistics. 25% of men are unfaithful and 15% women on the other hand.,’ one said.

Another argued that its a persons personal morals that dictate such and not genders.

”Cheating isn’t determined by gender or financial status. It’s influenced by individual values, morals, and circumstances. Both men and women can cheat regardless of their financial situation”

Shakilla is a well-known socialite, known for her explicit videos and various relationships with men from South Africa and Nigeria.

The 21-year-old moved to South Africa late last year and shares her luxurious lifestyle with fans on Instagram and Snapchat.

She also showcases her bond with her South African partner. The two have previously shared PDA online, but without revealing his face.

Despite moving to South Africa, Shakilla never explained why she did so.

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