Following the recent revelations popular actress and producer Jackie Matubia  has come out to clear her name.

This comes after  a lot of backlash being fired at her online as netizens called her a mean girl.

Some questioned the reason as to why she falls out with people close to her drawing reference to her fallout with Milly Cheby and her baby daddy Blessing Lugh’alo.

The actress has however refuted the  claims aired by her fellow actress Audi Rowa on her recent exposee online terming her a mean girl.

In her defence Matubia said that even Jesus was betrayed by people close to him.

“Hata Jesus alikuwa na disciples, same disciples kissed him on the cheek, sembuse Jackie Matubia?” she remarked,

Matubia in the interview implied that she felt betrayed by Auudi taking the matter online.

She also challenged Rowa to provide concrete evidence on the part she said that the cast wasn’t paid on her show Toxic.

“I feel like we need to involve our lawyers because when we have payment messages and someone says they were not paid, then that’s beyond social media,” she stated, making it very  clear that she will deal with the matter legally.

The tussel began when earlier this week when the Salem actress Auudi Rowa  took to social media to air her frustrations.

“Jackie Matubia just called me bitter and insecure just because I asked for my credits on her show to be written correctly. Bitter and insecure and you can’t spell my name correctly,” Rowa said.

Rowa, who is part of Jackie’s show, says she gave it her all and finds it insulting that Jackie thinks she’s bitter because she requested to have credits written correctly. Rowa added that she was surprised by the price she is paying for supporting Jackie Matubia.

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