Actress Auudi Rowa has called out her colleague Jackie Matubia for labelling her as ungrateful and insecure after she requested that her credits for the popular show “Toxic” be properly written.

Auudi and Jackie both acted in Salem and now they both appear in Toxic, a YouTube series which Jackie produced.

”Jackie Matubia called me bitter and insecure because I asked for my credits on her show to be written correctly. Bitter and insecure and you can’t spell my name correctly,” she said on her Insta stories. ” Oh and ati that’s why I can’t go anywhere with my career.”

” Yaani you do work for a friend’ roho moja and get this in return. Dunia duara Kweli,” she further aired her grievances.

Auudi went on to encourage people to watch Toxic so that Jackie can make money as she never paid her actors and actress.

“A befitting name for a show for the befitting creator,” she said.

She also claimed that Jackie is slowly becoming the ‘monster producers’ that they said they would strive to do better than, adding that she is a mean girl for unfollowing her and trying to assassinate her character after she asked for her rights.

”It’s not my fault you’re turning into one of the exact monster producers that we said we’d strive to do better than,” she noted.

Auudi claimed that she defended her in the past after people called her a mean girl only for her to experience it firsthand.

” You really are the mean girl everyone  thinks you are. I thought they were wrong I even voiced as much. Kumbe it was just a matter of time before I experience it myself. Mambo kweli ni mengi, masaa ndio..” she concluded.

Netizens were left with divided opinions as some sided with Jackie Matubia and with Auudi. Others however claim that this is just a strategy to promote the next episode of toxic.

Matubia is also yet to address the matter.

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