Renowned comedian and media personality Sande Bush, popularly known by his stage name Dr. Ofweneke, has revealed his intention to run for political office in his home county of Kakamega.

This announcement marks a significant shift for the entertainer, known for his comic talent and sharp social commentary. Dr Ofweneke rose to fame due to his popular Nigerian accent.

Dr. Ofweneke made his intentions known while he voiced his dissatisfaction with the current political climate, particularly its lack of support for content creators, digital media professionals, and comedians.

Drawing on a vivid metaphor he stated, “Kama tutacomplain kuhusu chakula imeletwa Kwa meza then tuingie jikoni tupike”

This statement shows his belief that if dissatisfied with the current legislation affairs in terms of content creators and lowering the taxes then we should actively participate in creating a change.

The comedian’s decision to enter politics stems from a desire to champion the needs of the creative industry from within the political system.

“The politics right now does not favor content creators, new digital media, and comedians,” Dr. Ofweneke asserted. “As a comedian, actor and other artists alike there is a need to join politics to fight from the inside.

“We cannot complain from the fences we have to fight from inside legislative building. Chipukeezy akishika upande huu, mimi nishike Kakamega na Jalango ashike upande huo mwingine we will have enough quorum to fight.”

Although he did not specify which political post he intends to pursue, his announcement has already stirred significant interest as his entry into politics could bring much needed attention and reforms to the creative and digital sectors.

Dr. Ofweneke’s campaign will likely focus on creating a more supportive environment for content creators and digital media professionals. He aims to address the unique challenges faced by these groups, championing for better policies for their growth.

The announcement of Dr. Ofweneke’s political aspirations is expected to make waves in the upcoming elections. His candidacy introduces a new dynamic to the political landscape of Kakamega County, highlighting the intersection of entertainment and politics.

Whether his transition from the stage to the political arena will resonate with voters remains to be seen, but his commitment to advocating for the creative community is clear.

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