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TV47 host Shatta Bway has shared his thoughts about Vasectomy. Vasectomy is a male birth control procedure, that cuts the supply of sperms to semen. The procedure is done by cutting and sealing of tubes that carry sperms.

Speaking to Dr. Ofweneke, Shatta said that he  will never undergo the procedure.

“Kazi ya Mungu haina makosa. Acha zikae tu hapo kuna reason hazinanga expiry date. Ile siku zitapata kazi yake zitapata for sahizi ziko store,” he said.

At the same time, he revealed that he has no intentions of marrying again after being widowed last year.

“Hio chapter nilifunga. Mimi sitaimarry tena. For what? Niko na watoi wawili, kijana na dem. Marriage kwangu ni watoi,” he said.

Shatta Bway added that incase he would have a change of mind, it would when his children, a boy aged 13 and a girl aged 9, are already grown ups.

“Ushaona scenarios za mother alipass buda akaremarry huyo dem anamistreat watoi na watoi wanaogopa kuambia buda yao because wanafeel huyu ni sweetheart wa daddy. Unapata wanasuffer mbaya. Mbona uexpose watoi kwa situation kama hio. Am still a young man, I f I were to ever think of getting married, ni kama watoi wangu wako na watoi still sitakuwa nimefika 5. Saa hii sifikiri hio hata kidogo,” he said.

Shatta Bway however admitted that women have been approaching him, saying that they would help him take care of his children.

He however ignores them.

Shatta lost his wife in June 2023. He was deeply pained by the loss, considering that he would be taking care of their children single-handedly.

“The last thing I could have ever imagined was that you’d leave me. That you’d rest. That you’d go ahead of me. That you’d leave me to raise our children on my own. I don’t know what to say. When sorrows like sea, billows roll. Rest well Mama Jaheim,” he mourned then.

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