Shatta Bway, whose real name is Steve Jacob Maunda, has joined the long list of renown media personalities who have been poached by Cape Media.

Cape Media owns Radio47 and TV47 and also runs a betting platform, Maybets.

Shatta joins the media house days after signing off from Radio Citizen, where he was hosting Works Tikitaka alongside Ann Qtee and DJ Rambo.

“Shatta Bway  joins Cape Media Limited. He will be the director, project and strategy for Maybets as well as TV47 and Radio47 Host,” read the statement by Radio47.

Willis Raburu, who also quit Royal Media Services is among those who have welcomed Shatta Bway to Cape media.

“Welcome home,” he said.


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Shatta served at Royal Media Services for 5 years. On his final day at the company, he said that he was leaving because he had found a better opportunity.

“In every family, there is a time when the bird must leave the nest and go fend. I have gotten another opportunity to grow in a different field,” he said.

“When we started the show with Q-tee, I told her I will do radio for 5 years then I will move to something else. What many radio presenters are not aware of is that radio presenters are seasonal. It is even by God’s grace that we have survived this long because the radio audience keeps morphing to something new,” he added.

Aside from that, he said that he needed a more stable job that could see also spend more time with his 2 children.

“I feel I need more times with the kids, I need a more flexible job that would allow me to spend time with them and the fact that right now am thinking like two parents,” he said.


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