President William Ruto has chaired a meeting with the Emergency Multi Agency response team on floods at State House, Nairobi.

The meeting held on Thursday was attended by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, Cabinet Secretaries and other senior state officials.

While the rains have been a blessing to the country, the head of state said that it is now the challenge of floods in different areas.

He said it is important for the multi-agency team to be proactive in terms of the interventions to make to solve this.

Ruto directed the National Youth Service (NYS) to provide land for people living in flood-affected areas in an earlier address today.

Ruto said Kenyans living in dangerous areas will be moved to the land provided by NYS as the government plans on what to do.

“This morning I have authorized the National Youth Service to provide land for those people who are living dangerously in some of the areas for them to be moved from those areas into some safe ground as we decide what to do with them next,” the President said.

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