Pastor Kanyari has been actively trending since he decided to join TikTok, with the aim of furthering his salvation ministry.

The father of two denied joining the platform for money, as it is evident that many have earned riches from it.

“Joining the platform is not going to make me rich if I’m not already rich,” he said in a previous interview. “I joined TikTok because I noticed that it is mostly the younger generation and I wanted to reach out and save some lives. There are a lot of tragedies and I think we can make a difference. There are a lot of drug addicts on the platform and I hope to help and guide them.”

The  controversial pastor’s recent actions have however raised questions on how a man of God could turn out to be so careless.

First, came the incident that shocked many, when he went live with a woman who openly seduced him, without him condemning her. Later, he hosted several controversial people including renown gay Mpenzi Chokuu. As if all that was’t enough drama the preacher carried out an exorcism on Chokuu, who playfully added to the theatrics, vigorously shaking his behind in response to Kanyari’s mock exorcism although others found it entertaining many found it disrespectful to the Christian religion.

Some pointed out that their intention was just to gain followers and money.

Recently, another shocker came,  during a Sunday service, when a female TikToker named Faith M Peters presented Kanyari with gifts that left everyone speechless. The gifts were a packet of condoms, Kotex pack and arimis petroleum jelly.

The concerns that have been raised about the preacher have since caught the attention of MCSK Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, who has been at the fore front championing for morality in the Kenyan film and music industry, by banning songs and films that don’t resonate with our culture as Kenyans .

In a video of him talking to students in Film Fupi Academ,y Mutua revealed that Pastor Kanyari will be banned from Tiktok and arrested.

“Religious lead can not be that silly, for lack of a better word. We will ban Kanyari ,and I will demand that he be arrested and jailed ,” he said .

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