Kanze Dena got pregnant with her first child when she was set to join college just after clearing her high school.

Having a strict mother, she decided to keep the pregnancy a secret and even opted to stay in the hostels at her college. She resolved to give aways her baby to an organisation known as Crisis Pregnancy for adoption.

The child was born days to her final exams at Pumwani Hospital, with her college room mate informing her aunt informing that she was sick. Her aunt Informed her mother who was already on her way to Nairobi to visit them, unaware of the shock that was awaiting her.

“The following day in the morning, I have gone to shower, I had asked my bed mate to watch my baby because at the time babies were being stolen so much at Pumwani, then I come back thinking about what I am going to do. As I come I see two ladies standing at the entrance and they look very familiar.

“As I come close there was my mother and her sister and I was like ‘God, this is where the earth needs to open and swallow me because I have no idea what am going to do and what I am going to say. I walked to my bed and I didn’ t have words. My mother notices that I was in shock, she hugged me and cried,” the former news anchor shared with Parent Magazine.

Her mother dressed the baby and they were discharged from Pumwani Hospital soon after.

“As we are driving out of Pumwani, guess which car is coming in!, Crisis Pregnancy. I was like sorry guys, there is no baby but I guess that God in his own ways had His reasons,” the former Statehouse spokesperson said.

They went home and spoke about the matter with Kanze Dena confessing that she had planned to give away the baby because she had no idea about how she could inform her mother about her pregnancy.

“Me and my mum used to have a strained relationship, I was a very naughty child. But that moment a new relationship came to pass. I always remember that day when she said at the end of the day I will always be your mother and I will always be here for you,” she said.

Kanze’s mother went with her infant to upcountry so that she could sit for her final exams.

“I was not breastfeeding, I had so much milk I ended up having a boil and when I was doing my exams, I was in so much pain, I had to wait till the evening go choma choma,” she narrated.

After finishing her exams, she stayed in Nairobi for 2-3 months tarmacking and she requested her mother to bring back her baby so that they could now begin bonding.

“Unfortunately, the night before the following day they were supposed to come, my daughter passed away. Every time I think about it, I had so many questions. I really didn’t understand why at that particular point in time. God had an opportunity of giving this child to someone else in terms of adoption and they didn’t, so why wait until now when I want to take a bond with my child and Gould would take away my child,” Kanze Dena pondered.

On the fateful night, the baby woke up at night and baby passed poop, which was unlike her.

“She about 3-months, she was healthy, she was not sick, they call it baby-cot death. My mother said she walk up in the middle of the night, passed poop, which was not normal for her, she went out to throw the poop so that she could sock the nappies , when she came back, she just noticed the baby was looking funny. She lifted up the baby looks like she was lifeless, she lifted her up and was like she came back to life and she looked at my mother and that is how she gave up her life,” she recalled the events.

The incident made her develop anxiety when it comes to dealing with babies especially below three months. She however saw a therapist and overcame the problem

Kanze Dena is now a mother of two boys with the eldest being 18 years old.

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