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In a heartfelt message, established American filmmaker and professional actor Tyler Perry, has apologized for not being able to meet President William Ruto during his tour to Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

The actor expressed his regret, stating,

“Unfortunately, my schedule was booked and I’m heartbroken that I couldn’t move things around in time to be there to greet President Ruto of Kenya as he and his family and delegation toured Tyler Perry Studios.”

Tyler Perry who is known for his amazing work in film and television, also acknowledged the honor of President Ruto’s visit.

“I am humbled and thankful that you stopped by, President Ruto,” Perry wrote, showing his gratitude and the significance of the visit.

In an effort to make amends  for his absence, Perry revealed his intention to visit Kenya in the near future.


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“The good news is that means I have to make my way to Kenya very soon!” he announced, hinting his plans to visit Kenya. The exchange between the acclaimed filmmaker and the Kenyan entertainment industry promises great change and growth.

During President Ruto’s tour, television host Steve Harvey graciously stepped in to receive the Kenyan delegation on Perry’s behalf. Perry extended his thanks to Harvey, saying,

“Thank you @iamsteveharveytv for stepping in. What a blessing.”

President Ruto’s visit to Tyler Perry Studios paves way for the broader engagement between Kenya’s entertainment and creative industry and the United States. This will in turn strengthen ties and foster collaborative opportunities.

While Perry’s absence was felt, his forthcoming visit to Kenya promises to further bridge connections and celebrate the rich cultural heritage shared between the two nations.

Tyler’s plans to visit  Kenya has built anticipation for his fans in the country as many look forward to the potential collaborations and exchanges that could arise from this new connection.

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