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DJ Joe Mfalme has been under criticism after he was freed of murder charges on Monday April 8 and turned into a state witness in the death of DCI detective Felix Kelian Kitosi.

Many have accused him of selling out his hype man Allan Ocheng’ aka Hype Ballo, who is now the prime suspect in the death of the DCI officer.

Ochieng’ was named the prime suspect  after all the suspects were detained for 14 days as investigations into the matter went on.

Joe Mfalme has however come out to address allegations of betraying Hype Ballo.

“People don’t know the story, now the matter is in court I wouldn’t talk about it right now. But lakini ni sawa unajua public opinion iko sawa. Watu hawajui kesi, now that the matter is in court I can’t talk about it much mpaka kila kitu iishe,” he said in a phone interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray.

He also said that he is not affected by the allegations, revealing that he was in good terms with Ochieng’

“Niko sawa, because Ballo and myself are in good terms,” the mix master added.

He further said that they are not allowed to communicate or talk about the case.  At the same time, Joe Mfalme said that he would be returning to his deejaying work.

“Kazi lazima iendelee, the file was closed, huwezikosa kufanya kazi. Tuko salama but we have learnt our lesson,” he noted.

DJ Joe Mfalme also spoke of his experience after being behind bars saying that he was just relaxing and had no pressure at all.

About his experience being behind bars he said, “Kufikiria, kurelax kulala, I didn’t do much because investigations zinaendelea ni kutulia tu.”

He further said that a lot of people showed up to support him, dispelling claims that his friends abandoned him.

“I was overwhelmed. I appreciated so much. Most of the people who appeared in court are the same who came,” he said.

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