DJ Joe

DJ Joe Mfalme and five others who were linked to the death of a DCI detective have been freed after as there was no evidence linking them to the death.

The 6 will now serve as state witnesses in the case of  death of detective Felix Kelian. Joe’s hype man Allan Onyango is however the main suspect in the death and will be facing charges.

After the release of of DJ Joe and his team namely; Eric Kariuki and Simon Wanjiru, their lawyer has shut claims that they bought their freedom, that saw them get converted into state witnesses.

“Even the decision to convert DJ and the team into witnesses is not a decision that has been made by the DJ. There is a lot of misreporting. Them, they wrote a statement regarding what transpired, they did not incriminate anyone. Kindly let there be no misreporting that people have decided to buy their freedom by incriminating other people.

“The DJ and his team have consistently maintained their position that nobody was assaulted, nobody was beaten. In fact as at this morning when we heard that there was a recommendation send to DPP to charge, that recommendation was sent by DCI without any consent of the DJ and his team. It is them who made that decision. That thing of reporting that there is someone who has decided  incriminate anybody else so that they can buy their freedom is nonsensical,” he asserted.

He noted that the team is not aware of the investigations that were done that led to their vindication.

“The team were told by the court that we did not find any evidence and that is why we did not charge you,” he said

The lawyer further noted that if it people  fight and a death occurred it is considered as manslaughter and not as murder.

“If everybody were to die because of a slap then everybody should be charged. Everybody who fights with someone and then that person ends up dying does it mean that that person is guilty of murder?” he posed.



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