CNN Correspondent Larry Madowo has expressed displeasure on the status of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Larry was disappointed by the fact that he had to be rained on and walk through stagnant water at the airport that boasts of international standards.

“Landing in the rain, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, no shelter, this is not even the worst part. Look at this situation,” he said as he showed the stagnant water that he had to pass through. “International Airport dealing with this this. It gets worse completely water logged. What is is this, how embarrassing is this for an international airport, we can do better than this.”

He further said that leaders don’t undergo the experience because they are issued with VIP treatment as soon as the planes land. Larry said that he will continue raising his voice until things change.

“JKIA still won’t protect us from the rain after all these years? Do we have no capacity for shame?Your leaders don’t experience this JKIA shame because they get picked up from the plane, to an exclusive government VIP section, and then straight into a waiting car. They don’t mix with the masses. But I’ll keep posting until things improve,” he wrote.


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Earlier, Larry had complained about the expensive Nigerian Visa, wondering if borderless Africa will ever be achieved.

“Nigeria just charged me $215 for a 1-month, single entry visa. Again. I was here 3 weeks ago – paid the same $215. This is actually my 3rd time in Nigeria this year, so they have made $645 from me in 2024 alone.

“The visa itself costs $25 but Nigeria charges a $20 « processing fee » and $170 for biometrics every time. My fingerprints haven’t changed since I was here 3 weeks ago, why am I paying $170 to have them taken and to pose for a picture each time I visit? Isn’t that a standard part of admitting someone into a country?” he said.


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