A Post-mortem examination conducted on Faith Musembi, at General Kago Funeral Home has revealed that she died of excessive bleeding.

The Findings according to family, revealed that Faith, the 19-year-old university student found murdered in Pilot Estate in Thika, was pregnant at the time of her death.

“According to the doctor, the uterine bleeding was caused by the placenta detaching itself. “We need the DCI to investigate and determine what caused that,”  A relative said.

Faith’s lifeless body was discovered by her father, Boniface Musembi, who raced to her house after receiving ransom calls from her mobile number.

According to the family, they had agreed to the attacker’s prior demands of Ksh27,000 to liberate their kin.

However, the attacker refused to release Faith and instead wanted an additional Ksh33,000 from the family forcing them to report the matter at Thika West Police Station.

However, according to them, the police officers did not believe them saying that they were not of the opinion that there was a cause for concern.

“They, police officers, informed me that it could be a trick played by my daughter’s friends.” Boniface stated.

The family decided to report the incident to the university after being dissatisfied with the officers’ response before the father headed to Faith’s residence at Pilot Estate where he found her lifeless body on the floor.

“We took action and proceeded to her residence, breaking the latch. “When I got admission, I was stunned to see my daughter’s dead lying on the floor,” Faith’s father said.

Minutes thereafter, police officers arrived on the scene and began an investigation to determine what transpired.

The family is however seeking justice for the murder of their kin this even as officers from Thika West Police Station launch probe into the matter.

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