Khalif Kairo a Nairobi businessman has sparked an online reaction after posting a controversial message on his X account regarding his relationship with his girlfriend Cera Imani.

Kairo has been trending on socials after he posted  the emotional message on X alleging that his partner has moved on, and she is no longer with him.

Kairo claimed that he is depressed and is not even eating adding that he is not even accessing his account or companies and threatened to jump off the cliff.

“Btw niliwachwa. Am very depressed. Am not eating, and am extremely sad, i have lost everything and i  can’t even access my account or companies. Tomorrow i will jump off a cliff.” His post read.

He went ahead to tell his followers that he felt like his life had come to a standstill after their separation as his partner was his entire world.

“My life has come to a stop, I wont drive my cayenne ride my bike, fly planes, travel the world, everything is gone. She was my entire world.” He wrote.

This however received mixed reactions as most people accused him of chasing clout.

@julie_qin2: “Kairo about to trend because of false breakup”

@Evanmemba: “Everyday when you see nobody is engaging you, you find a way to clout”

@Miss_prresident: “Haha attention seeking here we go again”

@hassanmwadzaya: “Lesson: Never let material possessions (girlfriends, wives & children included) define your ‘world’ or ‘happiness’.”

This however took a dramatic turn after he later admitted that he was lying. Turned out that some of the followers were right in their comments.

“Bana, mnajuanga mm ni nani kweli ama mnanionanga tu is streets? Sawa sikuachwa, I was chasing clout. Sasa tumemaliza io story Goodnight KOX,”

“What am doing today is a social experiment about human behaviour and the reverse psychology theory. The learned ones will understand.” Kairo said.

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