Tik Toker Nyako has advised married women to avoid clubbing and going out with their husbands to enjoyment joints but rather embrace their marital homes.

On a live video on her Tik Tok, Nyako said that most young and married women are dying at the hands of their husbands due to the lifestyles they lead.

She advised married women to allow their husbands go to party alone in clubs and to also avoid hitting the clubs daily.

“Stay at home. If you are married, stay at home. You should not be going to the club to dance around with men. Dancing helter-skelter in clubs will end tragically. Slay queen, if you decide to get married stay home.” She said.

Nyako was reacting to news about the Nairobi-based Ohangala dancer Sheila Wagesha who was allegedly killed by her husband Jack Bamboo.

She asked married women to turn to Tik Tok if they felt bored for having to stay home .

“Make TikTok your best friend, leave your man to go for his crazy errands, there is no way a man and a woman can rave in a club together and it ends well, no way.” She said

The mother of three noted that many women struggle to be wives being unable to adjust from their lifestyles from when they were living single lives.

Her opinion however was received with mixed reactions on social media.

Among those who disagreed with her sentiments said it was possible for married women to still enjoy their lives even in marriages.

Some of the comments from social media users

@B.k said: “So I should not enjoy life in the name of marriage.”

@Eunicintah— said: “I will go and rukaruka with my husband. Marriage doesn`t have to be boring”

@mellyposh said: “Nyako what you are saying it`s a bitter Truth”

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