In a recent turn of events, Chiki Kuruka, wife of renowned musician Bien-Aimé Baraza of Sauti Sol, was asked about her reaction following her husband’s controversial remarks.

During an interview, Bien expressed his admiration for Nigerian singer Tems and Jamaican artist Shenseea, leading to a public discussion.

Infront of Chiki, Bien said boldly, “We ebu niambie tu Tems anidm, itabidi tuh niongee na wife nimwambie ingekuwa wewe?” He continued, “Aty Shenseea amenidm, imagine nasema imagine. Anaweza nihit and run.”

In light of these statements, Ankali, also known as “The President Of Umbea254,” from Milele FM reached out to Chiki Kuruka to get her reaction on the matter.

During the call, Ankali inquired about her feelings regarding Bien’s expressed admiration for Tems and Shenseea.

“I have just called to inquire about your reaction vile ambavyo Bien aliongea pale alisema anatamani Tems pamoja na Shenseea.” He said. He even went a head asking her if she was mad about it.

Chiki, however, was not in the mood for such questions. Defending her husband fiercely, she responded,

“I said, we don’t get involved in trash gossip that’s not our vibe at all. So don’t call me with those kinds of questions. Do you know what Bien has done?” the choreographer said.

She went on talking about Bien’s recent accomplishments, including releasing a single with Fally Ipupa and selling out an entire Australian tour. These significant achievements were being overshadowed by trivial gossip.

Chiki didn’t stop there, she went on advising Ankali to call someone else for such gossip, making it clear that she did not appreciate the invasive question.

Her reaction brings to light a broader issue in the entertainment industry, where personal lives often eclipse professional achievements.

In addition, it shows the challenges faced by public figures, who must navigate the delicate balance between personal privacy and public curiosity.

The public was not left out in the matter, they gave comments in favour of Chiki,

“Chiki supporting hubby. Amelist all the positive stuff.Sold out concerts, new singles and everything nice. Every man deserves Chiki wife.”

Her defending the husband’s reputation, serves as a reminder of the importance of focusing on accomplishments rather than sensationalism. It also highlights the need for having supportive partners in life.

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