In a heartfelt post on his official social media accounts, Nyashinski explained that he will not be able to perform at the Madaraka festival 2024.

He went ahead and explained that despite the festival organizers’ best efforts, his crew was unable to get visas for their admission into the United States.

“We had very much looked forward to the tour and we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused,” Nyashinski said, expressing his disappointment.

One of the hurdles of obtaining a US visa is the applicants must submit proof of their exceptional talent or recognition on a global scale, such as honors, media attention, or documentation of substantial income. This procedure calls for careful planning and can take a long time.

Since the launch of Madaraka festival in 2014,it has grown in prominence as a celebration of African music, culture, and community. This year, the festival marks its 10th anniversary and promises to be a grand affair with performances scheduled across thirteen cities in the United States.

The tour is set to begin on May 25th at the House of Blues in Dallas and end on June 17th and 18th, which happens to be Juneteenth commemoration weekend in Seattle.

Nyashinski lived in Kenya until 2006, when he and his family relocated to Delaware US, where he worked as a truck driver for 10 years until his return to Kenya in 2016.

Nyashinski stepped away from music for ten years during the hiatus of Kleptomaniax. In 2016, he returned with the popular song “Now You Know.” The Mdundo Award for Most Downloaded Male Single in 2017 went to his song Malaika from 2017.

During his hiatus, Nyashinski performed in other locations and lived in the United States for ten years without experiencing any problems.

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