Arsenal midfielder and forward Kai Havertz was reduced into tears after his team narrowly failed to clinch the Premier League Title.

Despite their 2-1 victory against Everton at the Emirates Stadium, their hopes were dashed as Manchester City clinched the title with a decisive 3-1 win over West Ham.

Mikel Arteta’s side entered the day needing both a victory against Everton and for City to either draw or lose to have any chance of securing the title in a miraculous fashion.

However, City’s relentless pursuit of victory ensured that Arsenal had to settle for second place in the league standings.

However, a costly stumble in a 2-0 defeat at home to Aston Villa last month ultimately proved decisive in denying Arsenal their first title since Arsene Wenger’s legendary ‘Invincibles’ achieved the feat in 2004. This defeat left them trailing behind Manchester City by two points in the final standings, with City securing an unprecedented fourth successive title and their sixth in the last seven years.

Despite Arsenal staff seen rehearsing a mock title presentation at the Emirates Stadium, complete with replicas of the trophy, medals, and signs proudly declaring ‘Premier League champions’, the dream remained just that. There would be no genuine title celebration in north London as Mikel Arteta’s disappointed players were left to come to terms with their fate.

As Arsenal fans made their way down the sun-soaked Holloway Road towards the Emirates Stadium, there was a sense of hope mingled with a tinge of resignation. Some supporters even sported West Ham shirts rather than their own club’s attire, symbolizing the reliance on a favorable result from their London counterparts 200 miles away in Manchester.

Speaking to TNT Sports, Kai said he was sorry for Arsenal fans, for the disappointment.

“What can I say? I feel sorry for all the Arsenal fans, for us. We gave our best but it wasn’t enough. Maybe in two or three months, we can say it was a good fight but right now I feel like we deserved more. It wasn’t enough in the end but we go again next year,” he sasid

“The comeback win against Everton? We showed again great character, they didn’t make it easy for us. Since the first minute, they just played with the time – every throw, every ball they take time.”

According to him, it was not fair for them to lose the title.

“My opinion is that sometimes it’s not fair in football but we have to accept that football is hard. Hopefully, we can go again next year and give Arsenal fans what they need and what they are all here for. It’s so frustrating – it’s tough. Next year we’ll be an even better team and give everything,” Kai said.

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