Mark Masai

Former NTV news anchor and celebrated media personality Mark Masai has opened up on his untimely exit from Nation Media Group.

The veteran journalist had worked for Nation Media for 14 years, when he was laid off, among other journalists, as part of the company’s restructuring in the face of reduced profitability.

Speaking recently with SPM Buzz, Masai said that if he had not been fired from his TV job, the would not be where he is right now that is leading a communications department.

Asked if his dismissal from NTV was fair, he said, “There is nothing really fair in life and so if you look out and expect life to be fair to you, who the hell do you think you are? People have gone through a lot in life but what happened turned into a very fortunate thing for me. Right behind the camera is my family at PMS. Had it not been out there that I have left NTV; my current bosses wouldn’t have known of it and called me. I work with a great team doing communications & public relations. Life is not fair and it is not pegged on anyone… life is life, so deal with it and move on and I’m not bitter in any way. I was not going to be in the newsroom forever.”

Mark Masai was appointed the Public Relations Director at Professional Marketing Services (PMS) months after leaving NTV. The journalist admitted that he left the media prematurely but he assured his loyal fans that he is doing okay after leaving Mainstream media.

“I’m very much okay. It was a shocker what happened because it was not according to my timing but I want not going to be in the newsroom forever,” he said.

“But I was transitioning anyway but it was not cording to my timing but right now I’m actually in touch with myself and the brand in terms of what my worth is as Mark Masai the brand more… and there is a good feedback from the market. I have actually been on a point and a journey of appreciating that my value is bigger than I thought it was, so much bigger,” he added

During the interview, Mark said there is a possibility of making a TV comeback but insisted that he is now focused on his newfound love in PR and Communications.

Even though I might happen on TV and now not quite on TV I’m still the same OG, Mark Masai and you can expect more activation of my brand online, influencing, content creation, and acting and look out for July 7, something is coming, Whether I will join another newsroom, which you will find out in the next few and on receiving calls yes but I’m still here happy with what I’m doing. You never know what the opportunities might hold in the future,” he said.


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