Viral Akorino woman, Emily Nyaruiru, has found herself in the midst of a betrayal leaving her completely devastated.

This is after her boyfriend, Peter, cheated on her and ended up dumping her.

In a teary video that has touched the hearts of netizens, the Akorino woman narrated about her encounter saying that she loved Peter wholeheartedly.

“I gave him my heart, my love, and my trust. I believed in our relationship, in the promises he made to me. We had dreams together, plans for the future. I never thought he would be capable of betraying me in such a way,” she said told Nicholas Kioko.

According to her, their relationship deteriorated after the loss of their new born child in January 2023. She claimed Peter changed his passwords and that is when she suspected that something was amiss.

“I asked him why he had changed passwords all of a sudden. He told me to leave him alone he is a grownup,” she said.

Emily claimed that Peter cheated on her with a woman known as Sly. She noted that Sly is more attractive than her and that is what drew Peter to her.

To verify her claims, Kioko contacted Peter who said he was done and duted with her.

“I can’t leave money, I have found greener pastures. Tell her to move on. I can’t eat love,” Peter said leaving her in tears.

She however believes that she will come out of the pain strong.

“I believe in God’s plan for my life. This pain is only temporary, and I will rise above it. I am strong, and I will heal. My heart will mend, and I will find love again, a love that is true and deserving of all that I am,” she expressed.

The Akorino woman went viral in 2022 when she claimed that she was dating Peter and his twin brother known asTeddy. By then, she was pregnant and she claimed that she was not aware who was the father between the twins.

The trio later confessed that they lied about the story.




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