Trending sibling couple Kyle and Brianna, recently accused Oga Obinna of trying to get Brianna and her friend drunk so that they could submit to him.

According to them, Obinna invited them to his place so that he could offer them advice but instead took advantage  of the moment.

Obinna has however addressed the matter saying that he has been left confused by the turn of events.

‘I have seen the story and I have not watched because I don’t want to watch it. Oddly enough I am not even angry. I am just confused and I am sorry on their behalf and on my behalf for being involved in this and giving them my platform to offer them support and guide,” he said in a video he shared on Instagram.

The Comedian went on to urge his fans not to send him the screenshots of the story, adding that they should just defend him in his absence. Obinna noted that only his true fans know what he stands for.

He also said that he was not going to throw a shade over fear of being of branded as an insensitive man and  bodyshamer, making it clear that the 19-year old and her friend are not his type.

“Look at me, I am Obinna hata kama ni madem…come on but I will not throw shades, I will not talk ill of anybody.I will take this as a man nitaokotwa nitatukanwa nitafanyiwa anything but for the sake of the other party.

“Have you seen the shorties I hang around. Have you seen the potential shorties. Mkitaka hata kunichomea, the bloggers and the rest of the people behind this,  si mtafute  kimtu kipotential yenye watasema huyu ni type ya Obinna,” he said.

“I really wish I could share the truth but it could be very damaging to another party that we are trying to help but it is not the first time.”

Other sources also indicate that he intends to sue the sibling couple for defamation.

“My attention has been drawn to a spurious and defamatory allegations published by Brianna Yvonne Muchiri. The publications allegae weighty issues that warrant investigations by relevant authorities. Accordingly., I have engaged my lawyer and reported the issue to the police and the same is currently being investigated,” Obinna said in a statement.


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