Sound City radio presenter and digital content creator Azziad Nasenya has opened up on plans of getting a child.

The radio presenter was forced to respond to the questions during a live video on her Instagram account.

One of her followers told her that it was time for her to finally get pregnant. Responding to the fan, Azziad said that she is not ready for a baby because she is still young herself.

“Mzae nitalea. Am still a baby akilia mi pia nitalia,” she responded.

The questions about her getting a baby didn’t stop there.

“Can’t wait to see your child,” another fan posed.

“Zima hio, kitu am still children,” she maintained.

Azziad will be turning 24 in June this year. She is on record saying that she is in a relationship and that her man is very supportive.

“I also have a supportive boyfriend whom I am grateful to. I have supportive parents. It feels bad – rumors – at the end of the day because you are human. But again let’s go back to people who matter and do not care; they do not trust these people. I have a supportive system behind the internet that always has my back,”  she said last year dispelling claims of any romantic links with CS Ababu Namwamba.

During the same live video on Tuesday April 23, Azziad also denied claims that she was from the Bukusu or Maragoli sub-tribes of the Luhya community. According to her, her sub-tribe is Banyala.

The radio girl also told of those who were calling her out for the way she talks

“It is a free world. Niache kutweng halafu utanilipia rent?” she said.

At the same time she proudly said that she has a good voice and can’t speak in any accent that she wishes to including Luhya, Indian, American, British among others.

“Life is never that serious.  At the end of the day if am not hurting anybody, watu wajibambe. If you have a good voice, the way you pronounce words sounds so sweet,” she said.


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