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Actress Trisha Khalid has clarified on her relationship with content creator Flaqo. In an interview with Ankali Ray of Milele Fm, the Becky Series actress  said that her and Falqo are just friends and nothing  more.

Recently Trisha and Flaqo have been creating content together and Netizens couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between them leading to speculatuions, However the actress has confirmed that it is strictly just content.

The two have been creating hilarious short video content together and posting on their various social media platforms to capture a wider audience. They have termed it as a working business relationship.

Flaqo Raz AKA Mama Otis, has been in a relationship with content creator Winnie Keranta for 4years now but only disclosed it publicly last year February.

” Sasa shem nikuulizenwewe na Flaqo whats popping? you guys are very close hadi wambea wameanza kushuku.” Ankali asked Trisha on a phone call.

“Flaqo and i are just friends and we are shooting content.” Trisha clarified. The interviewer however pressed her a bit more trying to get her to explain more details on their relationship but she was still stood on her answer saying they are just really good friends.

The Actress also as if to put it more clear , explained that people should stop speculating on things, “Sasa mtu yeyote atakuwa anashoot content na Flaqo atakuwa yuko na yeye?”Trisha further explained.

“its strictly content and we are just good friends” The actress confidently answered after the interwer Ankali told her that its only normal for people to speculate because of the Chemistry between the two of them.

Trisha also revealed during the interview that she is currently dating and she is not single.” I have a  man, i have somebody siko single mimi nani amekwambia mimi niko sinlge?”

The actress however said that she would not give further details on the same but people should just know that she is seeing somebody,

When Ankali asked her if her partner was someone who is in the limelight  Trisha was quick to say that she can’t share about that. She also revealed that that cant disclose how long they have been together.

“Ni mtu maarufu ama ni mtu lowkey?” Ankali probed.

“Hiyo siwezi kudiscuss na wewe kaa tu ukijua niko na mwanaume,” She concluded.


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