Akothee is hosting her Mzungu baby daddy Dominic Decherf as well as their son Oyoo. The two arrived in the country recently and will leave on May 10.

Life is however not a walk in the park as the baby daddy is troublesome and dramatic.

According to Akothee, her baby daddy has taken over her bedroom, leaving her to sleep downstairs in her own house.

“Things I lived with for 6 years then I walk and said no way. No amount of money will take away my personal space. Ameingia to after being away for 7 years and now he wants to control what…?” the mother of five shared online.

“Alisema analala kwa bedroom ya chini. I went out to look for his suitcase and avoid drama at home. I came back home at midnight gone straight upstairs, because he said he will sleep in his room downstairs. Kufika naskia mtu akigeuza gear ya tractor, they occupied my bed with his son,” she humorously stated.

Concerns have however been directed to Nelly Oaks, over how he feels now that another man in Akothee’s house. Akothee has since set the record straight on the matter.

“Don’t take my life too serious, just laugh Wacha maswali ya ooh wapi Nelly wapi Nelly. Nitawachanganya muruke akili 🤣🤣🤣Nelly is very much aware of my family status he interacts very well with my baby daddies, in fact when I am on the roof they reach out to him for advice. They know he is the only one who understands my language, sasa tulia tukupange Never seen such a mature secure guy like Nelly in my life.

“I told you if Nelly catches me cheating he will know I seduced the guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣. He knows how much I love him and how much I respect him , myself and our relationship. Continue standing with me baby . Akiani anyieuni ndege koso osiepna,” Akothee said.



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