Roads and Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen has exposed and promised to take action against a driver who’s car was on a viral video seen breaking traffic rules on Mombasa road.

Murkomen in an X post exposed Mr. James Gathogo Njeri as the owner of the Mercedes Benz in which two passengers were recorded hanging from it’s windows therefore endangering their lives.

“Mr. James Gathogo Njeri this is how your car white Mercedes Benz KCX 959B class E-250 was being driven on Mombasa road in one of those “where is the Minister” moments. ” Murkomen said on his X post.

The video according to the Cs was shared to them by a concerned motorist who was using the same road.

“We are concerned and a responsible citizen has alerted us. We shall do what we must.” he added.

This comes after the Ministry of Transport launched the National Road Safety Action Plan 2024-2028 aimed at reducing road carnages which have claimed over 1000 lives this year alone.

According to the Road Traffic Act, individuals who commit road traffic offences classified under the Minor Traffic Offences risk spending up to two years behind bars.

The act prescribes that drivers and passengers who hang a part of their body outside the window should pay a fine of Ksh1,000.

“When in this Code no punishment is specially provided for any misdemeanor, it shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or with a fine, or with both,” reads the Act in part.

Section 117 of the Traffic Act allows for the creation of a schedule of traffic offences, dubbed, Minor Traffic Offences. A person   charged with a minor offence may be dealt with and prosecuted in accordance with the provisions provided under the section; different from other offences.  It also prescribes for the setting of statutory maximum penalty, for minor offences.

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