Jackie Matubia has once again left netizens speculating after jumping onto a viral challenge, where a preacher insists that it is a shame for men to depend on women.

According to the preacher, women were created as men’s helper and not for men to depend on them.

Although Matubia,  was just promoting her next episode in her film titled Toxic, many read between the lines, with some suggesting that the video was targeting her ex, Blessing Lungaho.

“Madiba is typing and deleting,” a netizen wrote.

Another said, ” You are the one who was immature in that entanglement. You don’t kiss and tell. Move on peaceful,”

The mother of two however didn’t take the comment lying down.

“Ni aibuu kukaa vile unakaa alafu ukuje kunijibu ujinga ni aibu jitengeneze in peace,” Jackie fired back.

Others also cheered her on, saying that she had nailed it.

“Aibu in capital letters,” another wrote.

@jackie_matubiaNi aaibuuu kesho 8pm on my YouTube Jackie Matubia

♬ original sound – Jmatubia

The celebrated actress is however counting losses after her second born spoiled her 65-inch smart TV, while she was away in South Africa for the launch of the third season of Bridgerton.

“I am very sad, what do you mean ‘I am sad?’ I am very sad,” Jackie stated after her elder Zari daughter questioned her if she was sad.

“If Zendaya did not have that toy then she would not have broken the TV, right?” Zari further quipped

“Guys this is what I come home to… Please advice, jameni I want to cry. Do I buy a new one like can this be fixed? Someone help this single mother because the pain I am feeling, a whole 65 inch! Uchungu jameni,” Jackie said on the other hand.

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