Actress Jackie Matubia has found herself on the wrong side with netizens after sharing a video promoting the next episode of her toxic movie.

In the video, Jackie was cuddling lovingly with her co-star in the series Mike Saruni. She was only dressed in a bikini with a transparent cover.

The video however attracted mixed reactions including those who called her out, labelling her a prostitute.

“Hii umalaya imepigwa graduation,” Lovelyn Josie commented on the post.

“Juu wewe ndio umenipisha kama graduate one malaya to another,” the mother of two clapped back at her.

Another netizen identified as Shakwa claimed that by the last episode of toxic, Jackie would already be pregnant.

“Akifikisha ball ya mwisho atakuwa na ball huyu,” Shakwa trolled her her.

“Aah wacha kuharibu story our condom ushatusaliti dear condom. Madam condom this is so wrong of you,”Jackie responded to her.

The hub Tv Kenya also wrote that, “Huyu  mama anapenda wanaume.”

“Pombe sigara nawezaacha bila kung’ang’ana lakini hawa wanaume vile nawapenda ni kama laana huyu mama drops mic,” Matubia fired back.

Others also said that her relationship with Blessing Lungaho also started on set.

“Ata kama ni kuact ata ya Blessing ilianza na kuact,” Wanjiru Bundi said as Loloy wrote, “Hata ya Blessing started like this ama niwache kuoverthink.”

“Juu wewe ndio ulikua sharp shooter tell us more Jesus wife.” “Babe kwani umeona future oops spoiler alkert eeh tell me me more overthinking ndio bwana yako ama?” she told them off respectively.

Others were however left wondering if Mike Saruni’s marriage is still strong with the kind of chemistry between him and Jackie.

“Hii boma imesimama kweli?” “Shida tu ni hi nyumba imebomolewa hivyo,?” they wondered

“Kwani wewe ndio ulijenga(boma)? Umeona hii mvua ya Kenya haiwezi,” she told one netizen and to another she responded, ” Nyumba gani? Do we need to call Sakaja? Wait kwanza iko Nairobi County ama? Guys am confused.”

In an interview, Jackie revealed that he sought permission from Saruni’s wife for the role in her film.

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