Former TV and radio personality Kimani Mbugua has left a section of social media users concerned about his health after an online outburst on Wednesday.

Kimani took to his social media  demanding  for money from people who owed him threatening to take action if they failed to.

Kimani Mbugua is known to have been battling bipolar episodes with this not the first outburst he has had on social media.

His recent post on his social media account has had his folllowers concerned about his health.

He posted a photo of a list of phones that he thought the government used to track him with.

At the caption, he wrote,” All these are phones bought by GoK to track my communications.I have intercepted them. I am coming for every single one of you. Lazima watu wakule pamba.

In another video, he tells Kenyans off and in another he demands to be paid by those who owe him or he will take action.

” If you owe me money better send it now because I have guns to protect my money, mimi nitakusafirisha binguni wacha vitisho baridi za @williamsamoeiruto” his caption said.

This is not the first time Kimani has been on the spotlight as just a month ago he claimed that his phone was stolen as he was on a morning walk.

“Guys I was mugged this morning while I was live on Tiktok by a guy with a panga, I was on my morning walk in Jomoko in Thika. I hurt my leg and hand but am doing okay.”

“I reported the case to Kiandutu police station OB no 05/23/03/24 I am doing okay but I lost my Samsung A34 which you guys bought me, I was producing content with it, Kenya police please help me recover it please.” he said.

There was also a time he asked for financial help from Kenyans to start a business and tiktoker Nyako hepled him  raise Ksh 500,000.


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