Brian Chira was laid to rest on Tuesday March 26, and his grandmother shared a heartfelt tribute during the funeral service.

In her message, she revealed that Chira’s mother died when he was just 8 years old, leaving him under her care.

“Brian Chira is my first grandson  born by my firstborn daughter. My daughter Sophia Wambui Chira left Brian under my care at the age of 8 years. I took him to church and taught him the way  of God. Brian was my best friend since childhood. He was supportive at anytime he was able to provide, he has been providing for us,” the grandma said.

a young Chira during the funeral of his mother,


According to her, her grandson was obedient and responsive, and also helped with with house chores including taking care of his young cousins and their home.

“His greatest wish was to see us settle in a big modern house and have our own compound. He always wished the best for us,” he said.

She added that Chira last visited them on March 9, and their conversation was centred on their family.

“I wish I knew who he was in the society and now I have realized who he was. Brian is a star. He has left a big void in our lives. I prayed that God may lift, strong and vibrance in one of grandchildren. Brian always asked me to love him how he was and all his fault I loved him.

In the tribute, the grandma further revealed that Brian was taken to Kabarak University by his aunt who told him that the school fees she had paid for him was a debt, which he would pay back by paying his cousins school feels. The aunt however passed away a year later, and Brian did not forget their pact, working hard to taking care of his cousins.

“My grandson, I love you since you came to our lives, I will surely miss you. Say hae to your mum Sophia and Alice. May you find peace,” she further said and dedicated a song to the late TikToker.


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