Mulamwah and his girlfriend Ruth K are among the many celebrities and Kenyans that showed up at KICC last Saturday in support of Crazy Kennar’s stand up show dubbed Happy Country.

During the event, the couple had a brief session with Vloggers where they shared their thoughts about the event and also touched on the child they are expecting.

Mulamhwa was asked about how he feels that he will soon again be a dad. He laughed at the question and eventually said, “It feels good. Nafeel Poa.”

He also declined to reveal the how long they have before finally they receive their bundle of joy.

“Tuko tu, tuko tu sawa,” he answered after receiving a signal from Ruth

Mulamwah added that they will not introduce their child on social media but only on their family WhatsApp group

“Tutapost kwa WhatsApp group ya familia, home,” he said.


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This was also among the few moments that the comedian stepped out with his wife for a public function.

“Tulitaka tu kuenjoy, ilikuwa ni Sato mzuri  imetulia tukasema juu ni tao pia, its a good time, ni Christmas pia tunajibamba so it’s a happy country that is why we came out,” he said.

On Crazy Kenna’s event, the comedian said, “He is my fellow content creator, he is doing a great job. Organising such an event, we saw it better to come and support. This shows that content is revolutionising, not only on online platforms but it is accepted on stage as well.”

Mulamwah also said that plans are underway for him to also host his own show.

“Definitely, we must plan a show. Artists are like popcorns, in the sufuria each of them pop at their own time. Butita has done it, YY’s is coming, Mulamwah’s is coming. It a road that is being prepared and we have witnessed it’s possible. It is all about proper planning and people get ready to show up


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