King Kaka

Rapper King Kaka is facing backlash over a video that he recently shared on his Instagram account.

The video captured King Kaka performing his song “Tutaonana Baadaye” at Nairobi Festival.

While concluding his performance, he threw his pink jacket to the crowd, who were left scrambling for it.

“Weueh, whoever got the full jacket nimemheshimu,” he captioned the video.


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Several of his followers were however not pleased with his action. Some said that the act could cause a stampede leading to injuries or even worse.

“What’s the point:? Why don’t you identify one fan, call them on stage and gift them the jacket. You could cause something that would haunt you for life, let’s be be guided,” Barry Onyango pointed out.

“@thekingkaka me ni fan sana, sana Lakini hauja fanya poa, they will hurt each other and I don’t think you stand for that, nini ngumu kupatia mmoja, ata kumpatia akiwa stage na wewe,” another Instagram user said.

Another netizen claimed that this was one of the way that artists use to innocent sacrifice souls.

“This is a hidden way musicians use to sacrifice innocent souls just to make themselves more famous, silly indeed,” Austo said.

His comment caught King Kaka’s attention and he didn’t hesitate to react to it.

“Sacrifice souls hahahahaha,” the rapper laughed off the comment.

“This is not good king kaka …you want people to loose their life just because of s jacket ..we ni mafi sana,” read another comment

Some of his fans came to his defence saying that the crowd was at fault.

“When msanii wa majuu does this hakuna shida but since ni Kenyan artist, mko hapa kila msee ooh hajafanya poa…like hao wasee wanag’ang’ania nini it’s just a jacket alaa!” Alex_lister said.






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