Consumers of Muguka, a popular stimulant, in Mombasa County are reeling from a dramatic price increase, with costs soaring from Ksh 50 to Ksh 300, increasing 6 times it’s normal price.

This price hike has led to a lot of discontent among users, who are now voicing their frustrations to Governor Abdullswamad Sherrif Nassirr hoping to be listened to and maybe the price to be lowered.

One local resident expressed his disbelief at the price spike, stating,

“Na nimeuziwa hii shilingi mia tatu ambayo ilikuwa shilingi hamsini.” He said this while holding the Muguka in disbelief. He then continued, “just imagine hata kama nikutoa ushuhuru wa Kenya.”

He highlighted the financial struggles this increase has caused him and how it was difficult to raise the Ksh 300 for him to afford the Muguka. He went on to questioning the logic behind such a steep rise.

The resident also contrasted the perceived dangers of Muguka with those of alcohol and cocaine, arguing that alcohol poses a greater threat yet remains legally available. Those selling cocaine on the even though much dangerous are not arrested, questioning why just Muguka alone.

“Mbona wasiban pombe, pombe ndio mbaya mtu anakunywa analala, wale wanauza maunga na hawashikiki,” he said, pointing out the inconsistency in regulatory practices.

Addressing Governor Nassirr the angry consumer urged for a more empathetic approach towards Muguka users.

“Mimi nilikuwa nataka kukuambia Abdullswamad, hii jaba iko sawa na tafadhali tunakuomba jaribu kukaa na waninchi wako vizuri,” he implored.

He didn’t forget to remind the governor that the people are the one who had elected him to represent their interests during the election event.

The surge in Muguka prices has not only caused economic distress but also ignited a broader debate on substance regulation in Mombasa County.

However, while others complain, some women on the other hand seams to be happy with this sudden increase and even wished that it were much higher for the consumers not to afford at all.

The people await a response from their governor and the community remains on edge, seeking relief from the unexpected financial burden. This incident comes after the previous ban of Muguka in the coastal counties.

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