Tanzanian Rapper and husband to renown musician Nandi  Billnass wants a large family of about eight to ten kids as they are expecting their second child.

In an interview, he opened up on his desires to have a large family because he is from small family of two.

He added Nandi too is from a small family of three and he is looking forward to making his clan bigger.

“We have been brought on earth to fill it and Nandy and I are married. I want many kids like eight, nine or ten. If God blesses me, that is the amount of kids I want. It is because in my family, we are very few, same to her family,” he explained.

The rapper trusts God for giving him a family and the ability to reproduce and that this is primary to his desire to many children.

“I believe that one thing that God has blessed me with is family.”

In 2022, the couple welcomed their first-born baby daughter. They named her Naya.

Nandy was rumored to be pregnant before their wedding, claims that she denied.

However, in an Instagram live interview with Kalondu Musyimi, she eventually admitted she was tired of denying her child in interviews.  Therefore, she unveiled her pregnancy at the time.

“I think we wanted to reveal the pregnancy and my project. Despite all these things, I still remain to be an artist and life has to go on. I can’t keep on hiding the pregnancy all the time,” she said.

She reflected the real-life situations where many people are struggling to get children and that her being able to is a blessing.

“Pregnancy is a blessing and as you know, there are so many people who are struggling to look forward to being parents. We pray for all of them. With our jobs, I could no longer hide since jobs still need me. I hate every time I am doing an interview and deny my baby. I used to feel bad while lying that I am not pregnant.” she added.

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