Mumbi Cathe Niumui has been exposed as the woman behind a robbing incident that targeted three men along Thika Road.

According to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, Mumbi drugged and robbed her victims at Burudani in Juja..

The victims are said to have lost Ksh 20,000 as well as two mobile phones and a laptop during the ordeal.

“Upon further investigation, the victims discovered that one of the stolen phones had been switched off in Githurai 44, specifically at a location known as Uncle Sam’s. The victims are appealing for help from anyone who knows her,” Nyakundi shared on X.

Cases of Mchele women drugging and robbing men in popular lounges in Nairobi have been hitting headlines in recent times. Men are called upon to be careful when interacting with strange ladies in clubs.

This incident has raised a debate on X as people have also shared their experience with Mchele babes. Some condemning the act while others blaming the victims.

@julie_qin2: “It is the most Embarrassing thing I’ve come across today”

@jeffmainacc: “Ignore such cries for help. Why meet a lady in a bar and welcome her to your table na vile cases za mchele zimekua nyingi. Waibiwe kabisa.”

@KipronoWilfred7: “Where is the police? They should make an arrest”

Some of the people sharing their experiences says:

“burudani address is always overloaded when there is an artist performing and it can be a good spot”

@kamagera5: “Uncle Sam should be closed. That place is a hideout for thieves.”

@IsaiahRono1669: “That is why when I am drinking or taking food in any place, I put inner eyes to see any suspicious movements of hands ikipita kw chakula changu.”

A similar incident happened in Lavington on April 24th, where a man was robbed two MacBook Pro 2020 laptops and an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The victim said he had invited friends over, including two ladies from Quiver Kilimani who allegedly stole from him.

The victim had surveillance footage of the suspects and was seeking anyone who can help recover the stolen items. The last known location of the stolen items was along Kiambu Road.

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