After a long intense verbal sparring and social media jabs, the long-awaited showdown between two great media personalities Andrew Kibe,  and KRG The Don is finally here. The feud between the two figures has captured the attention of their fans and followers.

The exchange reached to a point where a challenge was issued by Andrew Kibe for a three rounds fight and each round lasting three minutes adding to a total of nine minutes time for the boxing match.

In his statement, Andrew Kibe laid out the terms of the challenge, emphasizing that the winner must accept and respect the other. “Mwenye anapigwa anyamaze kuwe na heshima, heshima idumu, I want to teach you a lesson.” Kibe added.

Additionally, Kibe stipulated that KRG The Don must bring one million Kenyan shillings cash to the ring for the winner to walk away with. The timeline set for this epic clash is one month, providing an ample time for both parties to prepare physically and mentally. “Uingie gym utrain alafu tuingie ring,” said Kibe.

In response to Kibe’s challenge, KRG The Don swiftly accepted, expressing confidence in his abilities. “There’s nothing Kibe can defeat me at,” KRG declared confidently. He went on to assert that he is more focused, financially stable, and responsible than Kibe. Taking a jab at Kibe’s village KRG claimed that the whole of Kibe’s Village knows his name.

He further promised to not only beat Kibe but also pay for his hospital expenses. “Nikupige Kwa ring, Kenya mzima ione nikikupiga, nikulipe, uende hosipitali.” KRG The Don mentioned.

“Heshima mpaka idumu hii kanairo miaka mia sita hamsini,” he added

The anticipation for this showdown is very high with fans of both personalities eagerly awaiting the outcome of the clash of egos. The essence of the fight is to quell the rivalry and pride between these two media heavyweights.

With both sides gearing up for the challenge, the countdown has begun for the battle between Andrew Kibe and KRG The Don to unfolds in the ring, with reputations and pride on the line.

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