Maverick Aoko, a blogger was recently hosted on Oga Obina show by Oga Obina where she made confessions that has raised eyebrows of many.

Aoko who seemed had prepared well for the interview made some serious comments on prominent politicians in the country. The likes of Raila Odinga, Babu Owino, Miguna Miguna and many others were mentioned in her interview.

Aoko, when asked about her issue with John Mbadi was, she seemed to hesitate and said “pass”. However, she was forced to let loose the story later own when the same question came from a fan in comments.

She confessed to doing stuff with Mbadi in Parliamentary toilets. Watch..

The blogger further insisted that she had an affair with David Osiany, Kenyan politician and a former CAS in the Trade Ministry.  According to her, she met him when he was vying for Rongo seat.

“I met him when he was vying for Rongo seat I was a journalist in Migori and Osiany has mannerism of a peacock, so the journalists didn’t like him, so I was the only one who was covering his campaigns… I used to ride him,” Aoko said.

When asked her opinion on Miguna Miguna she said that Miguna is not fair to say that Babu did not study.

“He’s overrated, he’s articulate, he’s a brilliant man, but he’s also very bitter for some reason,” she added.

She thinks that Babu Owino, the Member of parliament for Embakasi East will succeed the leadership of ODM party.

The confessions were astonishing for many and here is what some of the comments from people:

@julie_qin2: “Was this a script or what?” “How can you admit that surely”

@nandifinest: “I want to know how it started coz this is interesting”

@njurakarimi6504: “Great to have Aoko onboard. I feel that Obinna was a bit reserved and did not fully pursue the objective of an interview. I honestly wish he was more engaging, Aoko is a powerhouse however intimidating. Bring back Aoko.”

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