Mary Biketi has denied being responsible for the leaking of her photos with former governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

In an interview, Biketi said that they are following up on the person behind the leaked photos and would take a legal action. According to her, the move has caused a lot of damage to  her and has also affected her family, Oparanya’s political career and his family as well.

“Some else did, the photos were leaked and it was not me,” she said.

She however said that she was not afraid after the photos were leaked, because Oparanya is known to be polygamous.

“Am not afraid, he is a polygamous man and I respect the other wives. I love my privacy I wouldn’t want to expose him out there but now that they are already out there there is nothing much I can say,” Biketi told Tuko Extra.

She was however reluctant to reveal how long she has been with Oparanya or whether their relationship was a marriage or just a secret affair.

“That is also fine. I don’t need to explain much I already know myself and the relationship that I am in. Those who want to talk they will still talk, even after clarifying,” she said.

On claims that she is Oparanya’s daughter, she said “I call him daddy so maybe…”

This comes after Oparanya broke silence on their viral photos, saying that they were very genuine.

“I have seen someone circulating my photos, genuine photos. Those are very genuine photos. I don’t know why someone would waste time trying to circulate them but it is unfortunate they leaked it to the press. Those are very decent photos and I don’t know the interest that people have,” the former governor said while in Mombasa

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